Cecilia publishes and lectures on various aspects of business and bankruptcy law, most notably at the following:

NBI Seminar in December 2015: Nevada Ethics for Every Occasion; National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys National Convention in San Francisco, May 2016; Northern Nevada Bankruptcy Bar Association, August 2016: Husky International v Ritz NBI Webinar, Understanding the New Bankruptcy Rules and Forms, aired April 2017; and the ABI Winter Leadership Conference in December 2016.

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a Shareholder at Lee High, Ltd. and has been practicing law for over seventeen years. She is involved in numerous local community organizations and in her free time you can find her on the ski slopes, running races or spending time with her kids and two golden retriever puppies.

About Cecilia

Cecilia has nearly 30 years of experience practicing bankruptcy and commercial law. She has represented clients in all primary aspects of bankruptcy practice, including debtors, secured and unsecured creditors, committees and trustees in chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13. She has represented clients in all aspects of bankruptcy appeals, including to the U.S. Supreme Court.